Syntrop is an immersive audio-visual installation dealing with particular notions from the world of physics. These are derived from the phenomenons of order and chaos or rather syntropy and entropy. Adlešič speculatively interprets the robustness of industrial processing of natural resources and the phenomena of syntropy - the tendency of chaos to form a kind of order by implementing different usages of electronic audio-visual tools and exploring their performative potentials. By addressing the different viscosities of relations among geological phenomena and their contemporary exploitation in the Anthropocene, he engages contemplation about the nature's date of expiration, the temporary nature of all organic and inorganic systems and the geophysical, geopolitical and cultural crises.

Lenka Đorojević

Ljudmila Art and Science Laboratory (Tina Dolinšek)

Museum of Architecture and Design - MAO, Andrej Detela, Tit Briški, Alja Lucian, Samson Kamnik, Mizarstvo Vraničar, Tilen Sepič, Polona Torkar, Miha Kelemina and Bojan Stefanović.

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