Today, thanks to crowdfunding platforms such as Kickstarter and to the easy access to the means of industrial production introduced by maker culture, consumerism has reached a brand new stage, that finds its way into distribution thanks to online stores like Etsy and the activity of social media influencers. The “long tail” [1] of net-based markets allows us to look for bizarre, original objects that would satisfy the needs of a small yet international niche; small producers find a small yet passionate market for their weird objects, and consumers find a way to enjoy, instead of repress, their weirdness. As Seth Godin puts it: “The epic battle of our generation is between the status quo of mass and the never-ceasing tide of weird.” [2]
[1] Cf. Chris Anderson, The Long Tail, Hyperion 2006
[2] Cf. Seth Godin, We Are All Weird, The Domino Project 2011

Aksioma – Institute for Contemporary Art

Nejc Prah

Peter Frankl

SPECIAL CREDITS: Pavla Adlešič, Bor Klemenc Mencin, Tit Briški, KRILI

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